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Acknowledging Darkness

Have you ever tried to imagine Darkness and Lightness as a person? It's pretty hard to do because being human innately means being flawed. We possess both aspects so imagining Lightness as a person is something we do in movies. We see them depicted as angels and saints. We also see Darkness portrayed as the bad influence, the antagonist, the critic, or the devil.

I have lived in a dark time. I didn't find my spiritual practice easily. My journey was harsh and very infrequently did I see the "light" in the tunnel.

I was 21 when I stood on the edge of bridge. I didn't leave any note behind because I wanted to be as lost as I felt. I didn't want to be discovered. I stood on the edge of this bridge overlooking the river below me. I closed my eyes and I visualized the sensation of falling. The wind would surely rush through me providing adrenaline. I envisioned the humidity wet on my body before I was engulfed. I envisioned the sensation to feel my heartbeat in every extremity as I waited for the impact. I envisioned the anticipation of total darkness. But, mostly, I envisioned the beautiful darkness that would make the world around me quiet as I transcended into whatever would happen next...

But what happened next was unexpected. A friend knew where to find me. I heard his voice before I could open my eyes. One hand outstretched, reaching for me. Why? Why save me?

I look back, years later and still don't have the answer to my question. I look back years later with hope. See, I didn't know that light and dark had to co-exist. The sun will rise when the moon sets. The masculine and feminine energies provide Yin and Yang in daily life. Love and hate will battle as will shadows and light. In order to find a way through the darkness you must learn to shine light into your shadow self.

Yoga has helped me but ultimately, I want to help you. Shadow work is exhausting, uninspiring, work sometimes. When you have a coach to help you through, navigate the often murky waters, and find appreciation for the darkness, the balance that coexists becomes a celebration. I have walked the path without help. I embodied the person that Darkness was. I created the character but as I was playing the part of Darkness, I learned to shine a light into the places that light never shined.

From there, my healing began.

This is why I made the decision to become a life coach.

Let's shine, together.



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