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I have overcome grief and trauma in my life. I have felt embarrassed, ashamed, and afraid. I isolated myself from loved ones. I was in and out of therapist offices and harming my body in ways no one could see. I spent so much money, I couldn't afford rent.

I teach, I coach, I train because change is hard. I have successfully done it myself and now I want to help you take the first step. I want to work with your lifestyle to create a custom plan for YOU while staying in your budget. I want you to know that even when you isolate yourself, I am there.

I want to be the person for you that I didn't have.

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My friends call me Mads though my name is Madison. You can call me either.

I grew up a dancer and because I wasn't the best, I had to work hard. I spent time dancing with the NYC Rockettes, still one of my favorite "fun facts".


I found myself in Los Angeles and London working 90 hour work weeks, convincing myself I loved my work and my life.

While in London, I took my first Yoga class. It changed the course of my career and my life. 

Now, I am a proud mother, military spouse, and Yoga teacher. I am excited to meet you and empower your journey!

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